AGPAL Awards 2006

AGPAL awardOn March 11th 2006, Dr David Hunt accepted a national award on behalf of the Walwa Medical Clinic. The award was the Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited’s (AGPAL) Innovation Award for Community Involvement in General Practice, and represented one of the two major awards for the night.

AGPAL is an accreditation body for General Practices throughout Australia and were impressed by the innovations and community support that the Walwa Medical Clinic demonstrated over the past three years of the accreditation cycle.

“The award was a thrilling conclusion to our earlier invitation by the accrediting surveyors of AGPAL to submit a nomination after their visit to Walwa in October 2005,” said Dr Hunt. “The accreditors and subsequently the national judges recognised the advances in primary health care that had been achieved by the recent co-location with the Walwa Bush Nursing Centre.”

“In the end our submission and award was recognition of the fantastic community support that we’ve enjoyed at Walwa -particularly over the past 5 years” said Dr Hunt. “To be nationally recognised is a great honour and achievement and one that truly deserves to be shared with the community and the whole of the medical team at Walwa”.