Gym & Gym Programs

Gym and Gym Programs
The WBNC has a fully equipped gym available to community members to assist them to remain fit and well. The centre also runs a number of gym programs such as Powerbar, Falls Prevention, Yoga, Circuit Training and Gentle Exercise. These programs are aimed at improving cardiovascular fitness, improving and increasing lean muscle mass, stretching and improving flexibility and improving balance and core strength. Addressing these areas has been shown to have significant health benefits including an improvement in body weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, strength, mood, confidence, as well as reduced falls. There is also significant benefit from the social aspect of gym classes in a group setting.

These programs are run by our Personal Trainers who are able to adapt the exercise to suite beginners up to advanced participants. All classes are $4.00 each, or an annual membership of $150.

Walwa Bush Nursing Centre Feature. L-R Neil Lewis (stav martial arts teacher) and Sandy Grieve in the Community Centre. Photo:Simon Dallinger.