Sandi Grieve
RN Div 1, Ba Nur, MANP R&R, C Ph Adv P, VRAN, CERT 1V fitness, personal trainer, limited x-ray endorsement. Cert in Women’s Health and credentialed Pap Smear Provider.
Business Manager: Melinda Short CERT 1V Accounting HLTFA402B Applied Advanced First Aid HLTCPR201A Perform CPR 22101VIC Apply Automated External Defibrillator 22100VIC Course in Basic 02 administration
Health Promotions Officer/Registered Nurse
Irene Palmer
RN Div 1, Reg Midwife, Dip Com Health, VRAN, Cert 1V fitness, personal trainer
Qualified Yoga Instructor, solution based counselor, QIT facilitator.
Registered Nurse
Colette Connors
RN Div 1, Cert Nur, VRAN, limited x-ray endorsement
Gym Instructor/Office assistant
Yvette Smit C ERT 1V fitness, personal trainer. Level 11 First Aid
Kellie Scheitler
CERT 111 Business Admin
Janet Hearn
Accredited Workers Compensation Manager
Accredited Rehabilitation Manager
Roberta Huntley
Ass Dip Accounting, CERT 1V Workplace Training and Assessment
Kerryn Daly CERT 1V Aged Care Level 11 First Aid
Diploma of Preschool/mother craft
CERT 1V Allied Health Assistant
CERT 111 Aged Care
Ba Applied Science
Food Safety Cert 1
CERT 111 Individual Support (currently enrolled)
Kylie Hoffmann
CERT 111 Individual Support (currently enrolled)
Lydia Maras
Food Safety Cert 1 and 11
Food safety supervisor
Helen Coggan
Food Safety Cert 1
Planned Activity Group Coordinator Kylie Clarke CERT 1V Aged Care Level 11 First Aid Food safety Cert 1