WBNCGym timetable 2015

The Gym is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. Outside these hours an access key must be arranged.

All new gym goers need medical clearance forms filled in by your Doctor. Obtain these forms from the WBNC, fill them out, read the information on strength training and the gym rules and guidelines, then come to the WBNC for an induction into the gym. We can work out a personal program to suit your needs and this can be modified as time goes on.

Dave in Gym


It is important to work at your own pace and be aware of the effects of exercising on your body. Start off slowly with light weights and increase them gradually.

A 5 to 10 minute warm-up is vital to get the blood flowing to all the muscles to prevent unnecessary injury. Choose a weight that is just heavy enough to lift 8 times. Rest and repeat the 8 repetitions. If you can’t lift the weight 8 times with good form, then it is too heavy.

When it becomes too easy, as you gain strength, increase the load. The slower you perform the exercises, the better it is for your muscle development. Remember to breathe out as you lift.

You should never do weight exercises daily. A rest day is necessary to build the muscle. If you cannot sit still, then do aerobic exercise such as walking, swimming, golf or cattle work on the other days.


ersonal TrainerThe Walwa Gymnasium is a fantastic way to get, and keep fit. Accessible all week (even out of hours, once you have arranged a key), you can work at your own pace, or get together with a group. Two staff members of the bush nursing centre are qualified personal trainers. If you need a bit more guidance, or motivation, you will be able to access personal training services, right here in Walwa.

Gym Classes – To check our Gym Class Session Times please go to “Whats on at the Centre”