Planned Activity Group (PAG)

Canberra PAG Trip croppedThis Service provides a social opportunity for frail and aged members of our community. Activities such as monthly luncheons, BBQs, Day Bus Trips, Interesting Guest Speakers, sing-a-longs, cards, gentle exercise, quizzes, games, poetry, crafts, carpet bowls, are all available at nominal cost.

About Planned Activity Group (PAG)

The Walwa Planned Activity Group funding is provided by the Home and Community Care Program {HACC} with funding coming from the State and Federal Governments. It is supervised by a co-ordinator, Kylie Clarke with three volunteers. The service has access to the Walwa Community bus for transport when needed. Luncheon and afternoon tea is supplied to the clients at a cost of $5.00.

The client target group is senior adults living in the community.   Some are senior adults who live alone and this social opportunity is vital for their welfare.

Activity programming is a way of enhancing, encouraging and maintaining occupational and social involvements for the clients.

Fun and Laughter are important ingredients of an activity program and this is achieved by offering a variety of experiences and many chances for contact with each other.

We provide an appropriate, flexible, out of home locally based service in a safe, secure, friendly and healthy environment.

Aims of PAG

The Walwa Adult Activity Service commenced on Wednesday 1st June 1994. Since commencement the activity day was held in the Walwa Memorial Hall supper rooms, but now regularly uses the facilities at the Walwa Bush Nursing community centre.

The program aims to provide companionship, friendship and activities through organized but flexible activity programs.

Clients can develop their self-worth, establish support systems, engage in socialization, and become involved in purposeful activities.

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